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I hail from the Southern part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State to be precised and proudly so, I mean who wouldn’t be, like so proud to come from a land which we all know is a land of promise and aside that, a land with the choicest kinds of delicacies.
Akwa Ibom is very well known for their extra ordinary and unique delicacies like our all-time afang soup, edikan-ikong, atama, afia efere ebot, ekpang nkukwo and the likes and for every single person I have met here in Ibadan who has at one time visited my homeland their memories are always still very evergreen with the delicacies they were treated to while they were there.
In fact, some will matter-of-factly put it to me to either teach them how to prepare these delicacies or prepare it for them myself but ah! my humble pride won’t let me, lolz and to some hey! they want to marry from Akwa Ibom o because apart from our very hospitable nature, Mehn! the food. So, you see? It always boils down to the food and because I am a very nice person who likes to share goodness with others, I have decided to put together here all you will ever need to prepare your own delicious afang soup.
I chose afang because it is usually the most sought after, more like a trademark kind of thing and has migrated its way all over Nigeria and even found its way abroad, why wont it, when the taste alone is oh la la cious plus the nutrients embedded in the afang leaf, so if your goal is a healthy eating habit, then this soup is really a must try for you. Enough of my talk talk, lets get started already:
You’ll need
• Afangleaf
• Waterleaf
• Palm oil
• Eatables (Kpomo, meat, dry fish, stock fish etc)
• Crayfish
• Spices (Maggi, pepper, salt)
• Periwinkle
• You begin by steaming and spicing your meat in its own juice, only adding extra water after the one from the meat is almost dried
• Dress your fish by removing the bones and washing it with salt
• Cut and wash your periwinkle very well, you don’t want sand in your soup I know
• Also cut the afang leaves and ground it properly
• For the water leaves, chop them into tiny pieces
• Ground your crayfish as well
• Get all other spices ready and set to go down
Now you already have your meat cooked, so you can cook the kpomo separately, you know its usually tougher than normal meat, when the kpomo is softened, you add your stock fish, already cooked meat and periwinkle and let them all cook together for unity sake, lolz not forgetting to ensure the taste is at its best, you know?
Then you can add your grounded crayfish, palm oil as well and allow to cook a while before adding water leaf, after which you cover the pot and let the magic work right in there. Now you should check in to see how good its going and then stir the mix and finally add your grounded afang, stir and taste to be sure the spices are functioning at their best but please don’t let soup stay too long on fire after adding the afang, you don’t want to have a brown looking soup on your hands, try to still keep it green and fresh, so I’ll advise you put it down immediately after adding the afang.
Now, food majorly is not always just about the taste because nutrition also has a lot to do with it, and that’s equally the case here. So, lets see what this reknown soup has to offer in the cl**** of nutrition.
• Afang is an essential source of dietary fibre, which is good for weight loss and prevents constipation as well.
• The waterleaf in it is very useful in slowing down the digestion and conversion of starch to simple sugars, which makes afang soup useful in managing diabetes
• It also contains vitamin A from the palm oil used, Vitamin E and C, pot****ium, iron and calcium, which are essential for good eye sights, fresh and youthful skin, strong bones and a good functioning of the heart. Little wonder, I’m so healthy, afang is involved.
• Generally, afang soup is very nutritious because of the combination of large amounts of vegetables, proteins, lipids and vitamins.
Now you know what this soup nourishes you with so you got no excuse not to devour lots of afang soup henceforth, just simply follow the steps above and thank me later.
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Great write up. This is called okazi soup in igbo land. nice one

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BAYIYouth wrote:
Great write up. This is called okazi soup in igbo land. nice one

Thank you dear, its really a must eat, u know?