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Emem Godwin

2 years ago

Posted: 2 years ago
Recently, have been having some very bad breakouts on my face plus the sun is making me tan so bad as well so I just had to go look for ways I can get myself to glow a little.. I mean you guys know the glow make selfies so much worth the while.. lolz.. Now that we cant hold a phone and not instinctively take it up for some selfie'ing..

Well, all thanks to Google, the place with all of the world answers because I had to browse on some facial treatments and I got all the answers that I needed. So, all week have been on one facial therapy or the other, using organics, cucumber, tomatoes, oatmeal, powdered turmeric and even milk, you guys need to see my face at night all tumereed up..hahaha.. Last night,I frightened my flat mate so bad.

Perhaps you like me in need of some face pampering, you know our face is the most revealed part of us, so we need it staying fresh, you could try some powdered turmeric and milk mixed together and apply on the face, leave for 15minutes or more, before washing off. Tumeric contains cucurmin which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The cucumbers are best when pureed and then apply its watery goodness all over the face, then washed off after few minutes.

Am still keeping at it and its been rewarding so far, we must to glow this glow, whose joining meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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