Five dressing ideas for Valentine’s Day..

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With the day of love coming nearer, clothing stores are cashing on Valentine’s theme. If you are feeling confused about what to wear, here’s our guide to keeping it stylish and sexy to amp up your love on the occasion
Charming dress
The allure of a gorgeous dress never ceases and has sustained over time. Whether you choose to make it flamboyant or simple, it is your best feminine bet to keep your man hooked. Opt for one in the colour of the year – coral.
Delicate skirts
Nothing screams fun and feminine like a skirt. No matter the length, from minis to maxis, choose from a range of types such as A-line, flared, pleated, or pencil; you will never go wrong with this delightful outfit.
Playful jumpsuits
If you want to veer off from the conventional stereotype of the bashful girl, wear your heart on your sleeve with a sprightly jumpsuit. Choose from different styles such as culotte legs, off shoulders, and prints and patterns. Or wear the colour of the day – a ravishing all red.
Dreamy laces
Ooze your sensual side in a sexy lace number. From figure-huggers, long sleeves, to knew grazers, you can rock laces in any colour.
Graceful pastel
Think anything lovey-dovey–macarons, comfy cushions, or romantic curtains–and remember, how gorgeous they look in pastels? If you don’t want to should out your love in bold reds and glaring pinks, opt for demure pastels such as cornflour blues and baby pinks.
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Valentine's day is here. How did you spend yours Chinda?